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Mobile device usage will continue to rise exponentially in the next 20 years. When choosing the right video platform service, you want to make sure that your viewers will be able to swiftly watch your videos on their mobile devices.


Being on the top of the search list is very important–especially with all the competing media on the internet. To make sure that users can find YOUR content quickly and easily, you need to be first on the search engine list..


Each new person comes with a different device to view video content. As a media company, you have many types of users viewing your material.


Broadcasters connect via a single HD stream that is converted into a multiple bitrate experience.


Built for Serious Radio and DJ Professionals with more features and better pricing than other platforms.


Are you a non-profit or faith based orginization? If so, please let us know because you are eligible for special discounts and programs.

About Tapon Media Tools

Tapon Media Tools provides content delivery services for thousands of businesses and consumers worldwide.

Tapon Media Tools’ proprietary technologies empower customers with advanced capabilities to manage, deliver and monitor audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet.

Tapon Media Tools’ services for small businesses are unique because they integrate the Industry’s most popular formats: Adobe Flash, Microsoft’s Windows Media, Apple’s QuickTime Media, Real Networks’ RealMedia, MP3 and Java Streaming, with Tapon Media Tools’ proprietary technologies and robust online management tools, to provide customers with a level of simplicity, and features unparalleled in the Industry.

Why Tapon Media Tools?

As a leading video hosting and publishing solution, Tapon Media Tools gives you everything you need to deliver professional quality video to audiences on every screen.


Join us and experience the Tapon Media Tools advantage for yourself.

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Live streaming in real time is our specialty. We can pair your broadcasts over the internet with uninterrupted service to all popular platforms and devices. Your customers’ streaming experience should be low latency and devoid of any buffering or surprise plug-ins. As such, our services deliver to the widest audiences with exceptional clarity and zero interruption.

Live Event Streaming has never been easier and our experts are here to speak with you when you need us most. Best of all we can help you get started within a matter of minutes. Rates are determined by the event’s duration, required broadcast quality and estimated viewership. No event is to large or to small. Let our seasoned experts give you a hand. Everyone is always glad they did!
Transcode, Create Playlists, Auto Archive and more with our fast and easy to use Streamlined Platform.

How Easy Is it ? 
You can literally create a live stream within seconds. You have complete flexibility to not only name your stream but to create as many concurrent live events from as many locations as you like all at the same time.

If You Follow These 4 Tips, your live stream can generate engagement

Live Recording
For those viewers unavailable to experience the event live, an on-demand live recording option is easily made available.

Live Transcoding
For locations that only have enough bandwidth to upload one live stream or just don’t want the headache. We Live transcode in near real time your single stream (we call it a flavor) and convert it to many flavors so that it can be seen by all devices, desktops, mobile and Set Top Boxes/Smart TV’s at all various quality levels based on user circumstances.

Live Redundancy
Do you have a mission critical live event? Ask us about our advanced redundant solutions used by corporate leaders like iHeartRadio. Ensure your venues connectivity by utilizing completely different and unique ingestion points in different geographic locations for diversification and redundancy.

Choose between three global backbones, GMH, Verizon, Level3. or bring your own and simply utilize the GMH platform.

Live streaming is included in all of our tapon Media plans.

Wango Tango 2015 including Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Kanye West broadcasted live to over 500,000 fans.


Secure delivery without sacrificing performance. GMH PROTECT enables data and video stream protection through secure features right into our CDN platforms.

  • Increased Network Performance and Reliability: We offload the heavy-duty workload of encryption.
  • Faster Delivery of Private Content and Supporting Data: We deliver content to your audience via strategically placed, secure caching locations worldwide.
  • A Wide Variety of Authentication Options: Including certifications, proxy authentication, token-based authentication, geo-based blocking.
  • A Streamlined, Cost-Effective Approach to IT Management: By eliminating the need to build out more infrastructure, or devote more internal resources to IT as your business grows. Also, save bandwidth related costs and minimize round trips to the origin.


  • Proven Experience: GMH has been delivering secure online content and transactions for large enterprises, e-commerce companies and government agencies for more than a decade. We not only know what it takes to protect your data, we have the infrastructure necessary to help improve the service, speed and reliability of those transactions.
  • Network Control with 24 x 7 Monitoring: We control and manage our network security capacity and traffic flow around the clock, so you can rely on us to securely deliver your sensitive content at peak traffic demands and during flash crowds.
  • Tapon Reach and Speed: Utlizing the most Tier 1 IP networks in the world, More than 50% or more of traffic originating on our network stays on our network. This makes us capable of enabling fast, reliable and secure delivery of your private content worldwide.
  • Scalability: We invest in network capacity and secure storage to support your private transactions and files. We are dedicated to helping our customers keep pace with the demands of an increasingly networked world. We couple a broad service portfolio with one of the world’s most scalable end-to-end networks to deliver a set of solutions built for the 21st century.


  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption: Using these cryptographic protocols, we can encrypt the segments of network connections at the Transport Layer end-to-end.
  • Security Certificates: You can use a shared certification, or provide your own. We support single site, wildcard, Extended Validation (EV) and SAN security certificates.
  • Proxy Server Authentication: You can send the authentication credentials for protected content to your origin server for verification, or you can use the origin server for content and an authentication server to verify credentials.
  • Token-Based Authentication: You can use this form of authentication to verify that the protected content’s URL did not change between the time it was published and the time the end-user requested it. It also ensures that any end-user requests for content that take place outside of the valid time window are rejected.
  • Geo-Based Blocking: Using this authentication feature, you can anonymously identify end users’ physical locations based on their IP addresses, and determine if access to your content should be approved or denied by the CDN.
  • Use TLS certificates (Transport Layer Security) to create secure HTTP connections so that data can be sent securely across the web.
  • Token-based authentication: Used to grant or deny access to content; prevent unauthorized users and websites from linking to customer content and levering customer bandwidth.

As more and more of your confidential business communications and transactions are hosted online, it’s more critical than ever to protect that data with the highest-quality online security solutions. However, encrypted delivery and authentication services can slow your network performance, and greatly increase the complexity and expense of your IT management. So, how can you protect your sensitive data without sacrificing web performance or taking on the burden and cost of managing it yourself? By teaming with GMH to deliver your private content over a Tapon Content Delivery Networks (CDN).


Today’s mobile market is exploding, and the demand for high-quality online media has never been greater. Tapon Media Hosting provides breakthrough levels of quality and service for live and on-demand media streaming to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and all other mobile devices.


Our success in the live streaming arena is accomplished by applying our expertise to the scalability and performance of both the content preparation and the delivery process. By 2014, live streaming is expected to account for almost 10% of total consumer Internet traffic and, according to recent forecasts, 30% of global Internet video users already consume some form of live online video. Even as live streaming and mobile landscapes evolve faster than ever, one format continues to reliably accommodate all platforms. Accordingly, our mobile solution requires only the H.264 (mpeg-4) codec. With the world’s most popular codec, your media is available across Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and the web. Then, with Wi-Fi and mobile 3G, we avoid the traditional Internet congestion and latency issues encountered in supporting global audiences.


Our streaming technology delivers benchmark functionality for end-users. Instead of downloading, our mobile CDN (Content Delivery Network) truly streams to mobile devices. Our automatic bandwidth detection and variable bitrate streaming technology, along with fast-forward capability, create the finest user experience. As the broadcaster, you are only charged for the actual time users spend viewing content – an obvious billing benefit. As a viewer, our Tapon media technology means access does not count against your mobile device’s data plan. Inferior download models have no choice but to overcharge, as each view counts as a complete download regardless of the amount of media actually consumed. Hence, our true-streaming technology delivers a DVR-quality experience that enables you to view only the content you wish at precisely when you want.


  • RTMP Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS), Microsoft SmoothStreaming (MSS), Flash Dynamic Streaming,
    Pseudo-Streaming (HTTP Streaming), Adobe Adaptive Streaming
  • Mobile Players (Customer Facing)
  • Flash and HTML5 Media Player for mobile devices (Phone & Tablet Touch-Screen devices)


By using the GMH Cloud, you can pass on flexibility and performance to your users. Use this page to determine the type of security, control, and customization and support your business needs. We’ll break it down for you into four easy categories: Advantages of the GMH Platform, Economic Benefits, Technical Benefits and Security.


Our high performance cloud (HPC) servers leave traditional servers in the dust. We can ensure you a managed and dedicated experience. We are here to help you manage all your cloud needs with a real person to speak with every step of the way. Once we are done setting you up, we hand you the keys and you’re ready to drive your own cloud controls, 24/7
The GMH Cloud can increase performance and handle the security, control and the transparency you desire for your business. With us you get the added benefit of scalability, flexibility and reliability that you’re looking for, but rarely offered in the same package. With our cloud, you will have the capacity to stretch your usage, be it day-to-day or unforeseen events such as bandwidth usage. And we are always reliable with our 99.9 percent uptime, so you can rest assured that your business content is flowing worldwide, all day and all night.


By switching over to the cloud, you can increase your business revenue by saving money and time. Because with the cloud, you own no hardware. Therefore, you incur no maintenance costs or depreciation of old software. This creates a much higher ROI because you pay less for your services, incur no upgrade costs, and your content has a quicker-to-market time. Another great benefit of the cloud is the pay-per-use function. This allows resources to be purchased, as needed, so you do not have over or under-investment purchases. That frees up a lot of time and worry if you have made the right decision for your business. It is completely flexible!And as a serious-about-the-environment group here at Tapon Media Hosting, we like to keep our cloud servers running optimally at all times, without sacrificing uptime, of course! We do this by using a high efficiency data center and hardware. The majority of our electricity comes from green generated sources and by doing this, we reduce our carbon footprint, and so do you!


Stay automated anywhere you go with our cloud’s full API system. One of the best technological advantages of switching to the cloud is the capability to manage your assets through our API system. This allows you to remotely access resources or fully automate your process, straight from the online browser system. This also means that multiple people anywhere in the world can remotely access the API and control settings as one resource. This means flexibility for you and your company. The cloud is the better choice than physical hardware because it allows you the automated flexibility that others do not.


Tapon Media Hosting is pleased to offer you enhanced protection for the cloud applications you’re hosting on the GMH platform. How does GMH Cloud Simplify Security? If you’re like most of us, you leave ports such as RDP, SSH, phpMyAdmin etc.. open, so you can connect to your manage server. But this practice leaves your servers exposed to zero-day vulnerabilities and everyday exploits and attacks. Now, with our partner Dome9’s service deployed on the GMH Cloud we can secure you by closing these ports and providing secure, on-demand access when, for whom, and for only as long as needed.Stop Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Exploits by closing open service ports like SSH and RDP. Secure Remote Server Administration by enabling 1-click, on-demand access only when, for whom, and as long as is needed. Automate Policy Administration with role-based controls, time-based policies, and auto-scaling security.


Are you tired of the pain of uploading via FTP? Do you need to upload gigabytes or even terabytes? Our new technology lets us saturate a 10gig data line. That’s a staggering 1.1GB per second! It’s so fast that only our SSD disks can keep up with writing the data.


Tapon Media Hosting offers a complete line of Managed Servers. Powered by Dell HP and Cisco configured with your specifications. Linux to Windows, MYSQL to SQL 2000, you can customize your server any way that you like.

We provide full root or administrator access as well as remote power control so you can manage your own server while still benefiting from our award-winning customer care services. Our technicians monitor a wide array of security mailing lists including BugTraq and Full-Disclosure 24/7 and will work with you and your technology staff to apply critical security updates to your server as soon as they are available.


At Tapon Media Hosting our highly skilled staff of technicians hold Industry Certifications from multiple vendors covering a wide array of platforms and technologies. For more information and pricing for our Managed Servers please select your operating system platform below:



  • Redhat Linux Managed Server
  • Fedora Linux Managed Server
  • FreeBSD Managed Server
  • Windows 2003 Managed Server


  • PHP
  • ColdFusion MX / Flash
  • J2EE JSP/Servlets
  • Perl / CGI/li


  • Windows Media
  • Flash Media Server
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Real Networks Helix


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgres SQL
  • Oracle


At Tapon Media Hosting we manage a wide array of Managed Hosting deployments from single Linux web servers to multiple load-balanced networks utilizing Microsoft Exchange for Email, RedHat Linux web servers and SQL Server 2000 Database servers. If your technology requires it, Tapon Media Hosting can manage it. If you require a custom quote or would like to discuss your Managed Server Hosting needs further, please let us know. 


Built for Serious Radio and DJ Professionals with more features and better pricing than other platforms. This is the professional solution you’ve been looking for. You can choose.
Upload all of your audio files to us, create your own custom channel and break in live at any designated time of your choosing allowing you to notify users of radio programming and schedules.

Easily connect to use via the most popular and common radio software programs including:


We can support your team and help them to the finish line by answering any questions that they may have or you can hire our professional to create and custom brand an app just for you.
Unlimited stations and channels.

Yes you heard correct. We charge based on usage, not the number of independent radio channels or live broadcasts.

Stream HD audio to any device including iPhones, Android, Tablets and more.

Add social broadcasting players to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can instantly find out who is listening to your tracks in real time on your dashboard with our advanced tracking system.

With a robust content delivery network, your content is easily delivered anywhere in the world with edge caching distribution ensuring that your content is served content fast from servers based near your audiences location. This helps to reduce lagging and buffering which is frustrating when trying to stream content online.

Analytics and audience reports to show you what kind of listener response you are generating and detailed analytics about the popularity of your content. Easily see what is working online and what needs to be tweaked at a moment’s notice. This allows you to modify your content in real time as opposed to waiting to hear back from imprecise surveys.